Alert: shipment delays due to covid-19


Due to limited transportation availability as a result of worldwide covid-19 impacts, package delivery times have been extended as follows:

Express shipping (12-14 business days) is now taking 30-35 calendar days for delivery

Regular Mail (20-24 business days) is now taking 55-65 calendar days for delivery

           Please take the above into consideration before making your payment.

            If you urgently require any medication, do not make your purchase, since there is no way that it will arrive before the times indicated above.

            Please consider making your purchases with enough time in advance so that you are not in trouble due to the lack of medications.

            We regret this inconvenience that is out of our hands and that makes it more difficult to offer a quality service, we are committed to continue looking for ways to offer you a better shopping experience, but for the moment we have to continue working with the forms and times that due this pandemic has had to be established.