What's the difference between Reumofan Plus with cortisone and Reumofan Plus without cortisone?


There are two product presentations of Reumofan  Plus tablets:

1. in a bottle with cortisone

2. in a box that does not contain cortisone.


The difference is that with the product with cortisone you would have effects almost instantly and you will have a lot of improvements in a short time as opposed to the product without cortisone treatment would be a little more time as a nutritional supplement and not medicine . I have to say also that  it is dangerous to take cortisone drugs especially when used for a long time since there are complications in some organs.


The reason why  the FDA is collecting reumofan plus cortisone is that only a registered laboratory to manufacture drugs can produce cortisone drugs and not a laboratory that is registered to manufacture food or nutritional Supplements such as the company that makes reumofan plus.