Due to the past years experiences, we are sorry to inform you that all of our international orders that  get process between the last week of november and the first week of January  will be having a 10-12 business days delay, due to the upcoming holidays.

What this means is that if you choose regular mail that usually takes 14-24 business days this might take 24-36 business days. The same with express mail, if usually takes 10-12 business days now due to the delay it could take up to 20-24 days.

This is due to the holidays between November and December the postal service is saturated and do not have the ability to handle large amount of shippings, which results to delays in deliveries.

We like you to have knowledge of this matter because due to this reason we will not be doing refunds until we know that the package is back in Mexico.

As an apology for this inconvenient please receive a 15% off special discount when placing a new order in our pharmacy by entering the following code:


This discount code is only valid from November 20 2018 through January 05, 2019

We appreciate your understanding towards this matter and thank you for the preference.